How To Integrate ChatGPT with Google Sheet

Code For Appscript

Paste Below Code In AppScript and Run the run function and in google sheet column type the custom =Chat("Your Questions Here") formula and press Enter.

const apiKey = "YOUR_OPEN_AI_API_KEY_HERE";
function run(){
function Chat(question){
  let payload = {
  "model": "text-davinci-003",
  "prompt": `${question}`,
  "temperature": 0.7,
  "max_tokens": 256,
  "top_p": 1,
  "frequency_penalty": 0,
  "presence_penalty": 0
let options = {
    "Authorization":"Bearer "+apiKey,
let req = UrlFetchApp.fetch("",options)
let res = JSON.parse(req).choices[0].text;
return res;

appsscript chat gpt google sheet
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